Songzap User Guide

1. Introducing Songzap

Songzap is designed as a complete music pre-production environment, allowing you to develop, record, arrange, and mix full songs and performances simply using your phone. Read more >>

Watch a full run-through of Songzap’s features!

2. Designing Grooves

The Groove Designer is an intelligent, AI-powered groove generator which you can intuitively control via a tactile interface. Read more >>

Watch Songzap’s Stereo Mike design grooves before laying down piano, double bass and Greek raps!

3. Arrange Features

The Arrange page in Songzap provides you with a comprehensive tool to create, structure, organise, loop, and manipulate the duration of song sections. Read more >>

Watch a detailed explanation of Songzap’s Arrange features!

4. Tracking

The Tracking feature in Songzap is an advanced multi-track recorder, turning your phone into a powerful and portable song-capturing system! Read more >>

Watch Songzap’s narrator Jo Lord and Stereo Mike track and bounce bass, guitars and vocals over an imported beat!

5. The Mixer

The Mixer is pretty straightforward, enabling you to balance and enhance your song and recordings even if you are a complete audio engineering novice. Read more >>

Watch a detailed run-through of Songzap’s Mixer features!

6. Export

The Export page in Songzap gives you full control over what you do next with your song creations. Read more >>

Watch us export all recordings from the Tracking tutorial, and mix the full song in a DAW!

7. The Demo Song

Songzap’s developers are musicians, producers, and educators, who have passionately created Songzap with the intention to empower songwriters, musicians, producers, MCs and all music artists. Read more >>

Watch band FET 47 make Songzap’s included demo song from scratch!

8. Loop Record

Loop Recording in Songzap allows you to quickly capture short musical phrases and chord progressions, add multitrack layers and then construct a detailed song arrangement from your loop ‘building blocks’ – all in just a few simple steps and actions! Read more >>

Watch us explore Songzap’s Loop Recording features!

9. Autozap

Songzap’s AI (artificial intelligence) features are subtle but powerful and are designed to help musicians work faster, expand their creativity and learn musical concepts to a deeper level. Read more >>

Watch us explore all of Songzap’s AI features!

10. Bass AI

Songzap’s AI-powered Bass instrument introduces a novel and intuitive way to add expressive basslines to your music. Read more >>

Detailed walk-through of Songzap’s AI-powered Bass Instrument!

11. Pad AI

Songzap’s AI-powered Pad instrument brings the power of a supportive keyboard session player to the palette of sounds available to you when making music. Read more >>

Detailed walk-through of Songzap’s AI-powered Pad Instrument!

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