The World’s #1 Music Pre-Production App for Songwriters, Instrumentalists, Singers and MCs

Songzap is the world’s first intelligent software that empowers musicians to take control of recording songs, developing studio knowledge and expanding their songwriting skills. Songzap is also designed for helping experienced musicians, songwriters and MCs to become more prolific in creating and signing-off songs, harnessing creative inspiration and capturing ideas on the go.

Capture your inspiration whenever it strikes, with intelligent music pre-production features!

Songzap simplifies drum programming, multitrack recording, song arrangement and mixing, and brings these capabilities to a musician’s fingertips. It helps take the guesswork out of song development and enables artists to capture and expand their musical ideas. Songzap focuses on the creative aspects of songcraft and pre-production, helping songwriters to design and interact with beats, experiment with song structures, refine performance approaches, develop and reflect on recordings, and mix a high-quality demo that can be shared with others.

Take the guesswork out of music pre-production and prepare full, studio-ready songs and arrangements!

Watch us make ‘Ready To Go’ – the included demo song!

Songzap Features

  • Capture your vocals and instruments with Songzap’s multi-channel Tracking feature.
  • Use Songzap’s AI-powered Groove Designer for instant, expressive drum programming.
  • Structure and finalise your songs with Songzap’s intuitive Arrange tool.
  • Get creative and make your songs shine with Songzap’s powerful Mixer engine.
  • Export your mixes, MIDI data and individual audio files to share with the world!
It's really four apps in one!
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Further Functionality

  • Powerful Drum Notation: allowing you to learn, generate and edit grooves.
  • Original Drum Kit Presets: recorded using authentic signal-flows and acoustic/electronic sources, giving you access to a range of different eras and styles to inspire your songwriting.
  • Beat Pattern Presets: start with classic patterns to power your performance and jamming.
  • Bounce and Import tracks: for unlimited tracking, jamming, collaboration and layering!
Watch the Introduction video for a walk-through of Songzap’s features!

How Pre-Production Technology Can Benefit your Songwriting and Musical Development

Pre-production craft has not been given sufficient attention in creativity, teaching or technology. For many songwriters, singers, MCs, instrumentalists and musicians there is a discernible gap between ideas (inception) and the route to final production. The professional studio can seem an intimidating place, and the technology used to capture and create recordings impenetrable. We have developed Songzap with the intention of narrowing this gap.

Using our app you can approach song-making directly, from a variety of tried and tested starting points: by recording your voice and instruments using your phone’s onboard microphone; by putting a groove down first to guide your performance and develop ideas; by experimenting with different song structures and looping sections of a song; and by balancing your recordings and rhythmic elements with intuitive mixer functions (such as volume, panning, EQ, compression and effects).

Then, you can export your full song to share with the world, or export a folder with all your project assets (full-resolution mix, individual tracks, arrangement markers, lyrics, notes and drum MIDI data) to bring into the studio for further development. You can also import recordings and bounce down tracks, for unlimited layering! With this app, and its associated tutorials (see the User Guide), you can embark on a confident and informed pre-production journey that will help you develop your songwriting and arrangement skills, and prepare (you and) your creations for studio domination!

for detailed tutorials, videos and support!

5 5 5

Game changer for guitarist!

5 5 1
Absolutely love this app. It has everything I need for songwriting and capturing ideas on the guitar. The beat maker is genius, practicing is now fun and gives me new ideas I wouldn't have had without it. Well done Songzap!
5 5 5

Super intuitive and full of great features and functions

5 5 1
This is bloody brilliant. Been wanting to get a hands on look at this brand new Songzap from Rob Toulson & Mike Exarchos for a while. This is an "In your pocket" 4 track pre-production app with an additional track for fully programmable drums (with multiple kits to choose from). With the ability to import audio and also export your finished project for use in your DAW it does everything you could possibly need.
5 5 5


5 5 1
This app is terrific...It has all...easy-to-use and great value for money, inspiring and fun: it's making me improve fantastically!!! Thanks!
5 5 5

Absolute genius.

5 5 1
Occasionally, just occasionally, an app gets developed that is so incredibly valuable that it becomes indispensable to your workflow. SongZap is unquestionably one of them. The incredibly simple to use interface, and intuitive design, mean that -rather than focusing on technology - songwriting and preproduction can focus on just that. Highly recommended!
5 5 5

Fun and useful for piano

5 5 1
I'm learning piano and have found this app to be really useful. It's fun using it to play along to drum beats rather than a boring metronome and I find it really interesting to record myself and listen back to see how well I play things. I'm starting to add extra piano layers and find it easy to make little instrumentals that I can share with a few people. It's really helping me get better! All other apps seem to be subscription based so I think this one is really good value as a one off price.
5 5 5

Better than GarageBand

5 5 1
Great functionality - recommended by a friend and hugely impressed. Very easy to use.
5 5 5

Really cool and unique app

5 5 1
Great for catching musical ideas on the fly!

About Us

Songzap is developed by RT60 Ltd, led by Professor Rob Toulson and Dr Mike Exarchos. You’re in good hands, we are experts in music education and are successful music artists and music producers too – Mike even holds an MTV award for his original work! 

We built the app for you and for ourselves too, so that we can have fun creating songs, responding to inspiration, and taking musical ideas to a higher level.

We are successful, experienced and passionate music app developers. In particular, our iDrumTune Pro and Drummer ITP apps have both been the Number 1 iPhone music apps in over 80 countries to date, and those numbers are still growing! We have also consulted, collaborated and assisted on many groundbreaking music technology projects for partners including Warner Music Group, DTS, Audio Analytic, Prism Sound, ARM, RPG Acoustics, London College of Music, UK Music Producers Guild, Domino Records, University of Westminster, Anglia Ruskin University and University of West London. 

Rob Toulson

Prof Rob is our Founder and Technical Director. Rob started his career as an automotive software engineer with a doctorate in digital signal processing, before following his passion and moving into the field of music technology. Rob has held a number of academic research roles in his career, including Professor of Creative Industries at University of Westminster and Director of the CoDE Research Institute at Anglia Ruskin University. Rob’s also a successful musician, music producer and sound designer, having worked with many artists including Talvin Singh and Mediaeval Baebes, who have previously topped the UK Classical Music Chart. Rob is an author and editor on a number of music-related books and articles, including Drum Sound and Drum Tuning, published by Routledge in 2021. His sound design work has been included in films by BAFTA Winner Shreepali Patel, which have been showcased and exhibited at Glastonbury Festival, The V&A Museum, The Natural History Museum and the Ruskin Digital Gallery.

Mike Exarchos

Dr Mike is Creative Director of RT60. Mike holds a doctorate in hip-hop musicology and is an award-winning rap artist (first MTV Best Greek Act winner), with nominations for multiple VMAs and an MTV Europe Music Award. He has led programmes in recording, mixing, mastering and production at various UK universities, and has published with Routledge, Bloomsbury Academic, and the journals of Popular Music, Popular Music Studies and Popular Music Education. Mike’s self-produced album, Xli3h, has been included in the 30 Best Greek hip-hop albums of all time and he is the first Greek artist to ever perform at South By Southwest. Mike’s studio career began as a sound engineer at Vault Recording Studios in London, where he worked with pioneering British hip-hop acts, including Klashnekoff, Bury Crew, Skinnyman and Taskforce. Under his Stereo Mike alias, he’s produced three critically-acclaimed solo albums, and numerous singles for international artists on labels such as EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner Music.

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