Demo Song Recording Masterclass

Do you need to record a demo song? Virtually every songwriter will need to record a demo song at some stage in their career, and often this is the first moment where a musician is faced with the dilemma of paying a music producer to help, or to take a leap of faith and learn to make a demo song themselves…

The Demo Song ‘Ready To Go’ Songzap’s developers are musicians, producers, and educators, who have passionately created Songzap with the intention to empower songwriters, musicians, producers, MCs and all music artists. We have endeavoured to provide easily accessible features that support songcraft and promote effective… Read More »

Export Sharing from Songzap You can export your full song as a sharable, mixed audio file to send by email, post on social media networks, or for inclusion in messaging apps. This is the most direct option if you want to communicate your creations quickly… Read More »