The first AI music platform that empowers musicians, rather than replaces musicians.

Songzap helps you create music, learn about music production and develop as a music maker. It is aimed exclusively at musicians and songwriters – rather than music producers – with powerful creativity-enhancing features, easy navigation and support via comprehensive online learning environments. Songzap invites you to play, record and co-create assisted along your creative journey by its intelligent music-making engine.

Use Songzap’s AI-powered Groove Designer for instant, expressive drum, bass and keys programming. Layer and record up to four loops of audio per song section. Hit Autozap and let Songzap automatically analyse your recordings and conduct your virtual band’s accompaniments.

Capture your vocals and instruments with Songzap’s multi-channel Tracking feature. Use your phone’s microphone to get incredible recordings wherever you are. Import external tracks and bounce your recordings for infinite layering.

Get creative and make your songs shine with Songzap’s powerful Mixer engine. Easily balance, pan and add reverb to your recordings. Switch to the Advanced Mixer for increased sound-shaping power with musical EQs and compressors.

Structure and finalise your songs with Songzap’s intuitive Arrange tool. Organise and move your sections around at the ease of a tap. Manage your arrangements by modifying and turning clips on and off for every instrument and loop recorded.

Powerful new features.

Bass AI. Pad AI. Loop Record.

Record a full track or loop, hit the AutoZap button and your performance will be analysed in terms of chords and rhythm. Do this for a whole song or a particular section and the BeatBass and Pad instruments will automatically generate intelligent accompaniments for the rest of your virtual ensemble. Songzap Premium now also features a fully-functional Loop Recorder, alongside the tracks already available for linear recording via the Tracking page.

Songzap comes with Education Mode turned on, allowing you to quickly access help on any feature simply by tapping the tutorial button. From there, you can learn even more via the online User Guide and extensive web and video tutorials. Want to take the Songzap Course and become an expert in producing your own songs?

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4-Track Linear Audio Recordingxx
Bounce and Import Audioxx
4-Track Loop Recorderx
Arrangement Editorxx
Autozap with Chord Chart Editorx
AI Beats Designerxx
Beats Sample Packs Included513
AI Bass Composerx
AI Pad/Keys Composerx
Mixer with Pan and Reverbxx
Advanced Mixer with Compression and EQx
Mix Render and Sharexx
Full-Resolution Archive for DAWx
MIDI Exportx
Education Modexx
Cloud Backup and Syncx
Concurrent Editing5 Songs100 Songs