The first AI music platform that empowers musicians, rather than replaces musicians.

Songzap is free to download and comes with an abundance of features making it easy to record on the go, import and bounce tracks, design beats, arrange, mix and share songs. It comes with Education Mode on, helping you every step of the way while you make music.

Download Songzap for free and start making music! Upgrade to Songzap Premium to take advantage of intelligent AI features, including the AI Bass and Keys composers that jam with your riffs, advanced mixer features, a loop recorder and Cloud sync.

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4-Track Linear Audio Recordingxx
Bounce and Import Audioxx
4-Track Loop Recorderx
Arrangement Editorxx
Autozap with Chord Chart Editorx
AI Beats Designerxx
AI Bass Composerx
AI Pad/Keys Composerx
Mixer with Pan and Reverbxx
Advanced Mixer with Compression and EQx
Mix Render and Sharexx
Full-Resolution Archive for DAWx
MIDI Exportx
Education Modexx
Cloud Backup and Syncx
Concurrent Editing5 Songs100 Songs