Songzap User Guide

Arrange Features Arrange The Arrange page in Songzap provides you with a comprehensive tool to create, structure, organise, loop, and manipulate the duration of song sections. Initially you’ll see the Arrange page in its default mode, most likely with a few song segments already in place. Each… Read More »

Songzap User Guide 1. Introducing Songzap Songzap is designed as a complete music pre-production environment, allowing you to develop, record, arrange, and mix full songs and performances simply using your phone. Read more >> 2. Designing Grooves The Groove Designer is an intelligent, AI-powered groove generator which… Read More »

Designing Grooves Songzap completely reimagines drum programming. In this video, RT60’s Stereo Mike demonstrates all of its intelligent features and makes a song on the fly – dropping some raps, and recording piano and double bass inspired by the beats made! Groove Features The Groove Designer is… Read More »