Songzap User Guide

Bass AI PREMIUM FEATURE Songzap’s AI-powered Bass instrument introduces a novel and intuitive way to add expressive basslines to your music. As part of the Groove Designer feature in Songzap Premium, it intelligently responds to your recorded performances, interpreting your rhythm, chords and dynamics (even your song… Read More »

AI Chord Analysis and Composition (Autozap!) Songzap’s AI (artificial intelligence) features are subtle but powerful and are designed to help musicians to work faster, expand their creativity, and learn musical concepts to a deeper level. The most obvious form of AI built into Songzap is… Read More »

Loop Record Loop Recording in Songzap allows you to quickly capture short musical phrases and chord progressions, add multitrack layers and then construct a detailed song arrangement from your loop ‘building blocks’ – all in just a few simple steps and actions! Introduction to Loops… Read More »

Introducing Songzap Welcome to Songzap, the most complete, fun, and intuitive pre-production app available! Songzap is designed as a complete music pre-production environment, allowing you to develop, record, arrange, and mix full songs and performances simply using your phone. Songzap turns your phone into a… Read More »

The Demo Song ‘Ready To Go’ Songzap’s developers are musicians, producers, and educators, who have passionately created Songzap with the intention to empower songwriters, musicians, producers, MCs and all music artists. We have endeavoured to provide easily accessible features that support songcraft and promote effective… Read More »

Tracking Tracking Features The Tracking feature in Songzap is an advanced multitrack recorder, turning your phone into a powerful and portable song-capturing system! The iPhone microphone is an exceptionally accurate mic, which can pick up very high quality sound recordings (the core function of a telephone is… Read More »

Export Sharing from Songzap You can export your full song as a sharable, mixed audio file to send by email, post on social media networks, or for inclusion in messaging apps. This is the most direct option if you want to communicate your creations quickly… Read More »

The Mixer The Mixer is pretty straightforward, enabling you to balance and enhance your song and recordings even if you are a complete audio engineering novice. You’ll also benefit from seeing the track meters bounce up and down in time to your song, giving you a visual representation… Read More »

Arrange Features Arrange The Arrange page in Songzap provides you with a comprehensive tool to create, structure, organise, loop, and manipulate the duration of song sections. Initially you’ll see the Arrange page in its default mode, most likely with a few song segments already in place. Each… Read More »